Read a DSP Contract very carefully – SAMA

Many medical schemes, managed healthcare companies and independent practitioner associations (IPAs) are requesting that doctors sign new Designated Service Provider (DSP) contracts for 2012.
It is important to keep in mind that medical schemes are doing their job of protecting their risk pool and they do this by paying what they believe doctors are worth. They do not pay according to a doctor’s real value.
Doctor, you have the legal right to determine your own worth, so exercise this right and do not blindly accept what a scheme is offering to pay. Do not sign any contract without understanding exactly what you are signing, and if you are unsure, ask SAMA for assistance.
SAMA is currently engaging all the significant role players on DSP contract issues in order to ensure that these contracts allow doctors to practice quality medicine in line with the ethical rules of the Health Professionals Act. We will not allow your primary ethical obligation to be infringed upon, which is according to Ethical Rule 27A to “act in the best interests” of your patients at all times.
The medical profession is held to the highest ethical standards, and this obligation should never take a back seat to any other.

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