About the SGFP

The Society of General/Family Practitioners (SGFP) was formed on the 26 March 2000 as a coalition of all the organizations that were involved in the South African Medical Association (SAMA) unity process, as well as IPAs. This was done in order to amplify the GP voice in a united fashion, as there was concern regarding the fragmentation of the GP profession which was weakening negotiating forums, as well as the morale of GPs. The vision was then and still is to maximize the voice of the GP within and outside SAMA.

The SGFP functions as an autonomous special interest group of the SAMA. The SGFP endeavours to protect the interests and promote the image of general practitioners nationally and ensures that the GP has a voice in the governing councils and committees of important decision-making bodies, eg Department of Health, the South African Medical and Dental Council, the Council for Medical Schemes, the SAMA, etc.

The Society of General/Family Practitioners is the largest single national representative body for general practitioners. It plays an integral role in the health care arena, specifically with relation to medico-political related matters. It is committed to being on the alert and ensuring that the GP profession is not ‘brushed aside’ by new legislation, that it is acknowledged as the most intrinsic element within the healthcare arena. and as being pivotal in maintaining quality healthcare and freedom of choice for patients. It aims to keep members updated and informed on important matters and changes that impact on the day to day running of their practices.

The Vision

To get each and every private general/family practitioner in South Africa to register as a member of the Society of General/Family Practitioners, to help general/family practice towards a better future.

The Mission

  • Promote the role of the Society in fostering the interests of the general/ family practitioner
  • Set up a communication network ensuring that all members are kept informed of current information pertinent to the general/family practitioner
  • Promote and enhance the status of the general/family practitioner as a key player in the delivery of health care
  • Unite all general/family practitioners in the Society and access all the expertise to serve our members
  • Actively participate in the policies and regulations that set the parameters for private practice
  • Encourage all GP groups (IPAs etc) to become actively involved in determining the role of the Society
  • Communicate national and international news expediently for the benefit of the general/family practitioner

The National Council

Chairman : Dr WN Goosen ,
Honorary Secretary : Dr TR Terblanche
Honorar Treasurer : Dr MK Makaba
Members: Dr MN Mabasa, Dr MM Stoltz, Dr CM Krüger, Dr JB Bekker, Dr SMH Ismail, Dr. M. Mullajee, Dr. A Suleman (Co-opted)

The office of the SGFP is also the administrative office of the NATIONAL CONVENTION ON DISPENSING (NCD). Please note that the NCD has a separate National Council to that of the SGFP. (dispensing@mweb.co.za)